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Tours in Camaguey

Situated in the midst of an enormous plain in central Cuba, this city rises up from a sea of green. Medieval, colonial and above all romantic, this is a place of legends, courage, and mystery.

Puerto Principe on the north coast of Central Cuba was one of the first seven towns started by the Spanish. Camaguey is the third city located in this area – the third attempt to outwit pirates and keep the wealth of the city safe. The centre of the city is medieval in feel – high stone buildings on narrow streets, ending in dead-ends, twisting and turning, built to break up marauding mobs of pirates; now, just as confusing to the tourist.

The wealth of Camaguey was, and still is, out there on the plain, cattle, rice, vegetables, and fruit.

But Camaguey is also the arts – this is the home of many of Cuba’s outstanding potters, ceramicists, and sculptors. Its history has one of the most romantic and heroic figures of the War of Independence. For romance it has legends of undying love and mystic powers. Now one of Cuba’s World Heritage cities, its built environment continues the romance in stone.

It is said that if you once drink the water of the tinajones of Camaguey – you will always return to this city.

Architecture of Camaguey

The latest of Cuba’s cities to be declared a World Heritage City, Camaguey offers an exciting built environment. Its squares offer graceful contrast to its early defensive streets, its churches and public buildings bring light and air to this romance of stone with its own unique style. The walking tour takes you into buildings recently restored, into private spaces and public squares.

The War of Independence – the Life and Times of Agramonte

The early 19th century was a time of turmoil in Cuba. Bolivar was leading the wars of Independence in South America and country after country was freeing itself from the Spanish. From conspiracies, acts of civil disobedience, to outright rebellion and civil war, Cuba descended into a chaos. This is the history of one of the most romantic leaders of that time. The privileged son of a wealthy Spanish family, educated to a profession, married to family and happiness; Agramonte, put it all in play for the independence of his country. This tour follows his life and times, for a different perspective on this dramatic struggle.

Legends of Camaguey

These stories of romance, self-sacrifice, undying love and miracles, are the stuff of opera and the much loved telenovellas. Join us to explore the meaning of the white vulture, the miraculous appearance of the virgin, the silver coffin, and the everlasting grave marker. Each story is identified with a church of this city. This tour takes you to some of the most visually exciting areas of the city, to catacombs, and tiny churches. See Camaguey through the eyes of the 18th century.

Arts in Cuba – the Artists of Camaguey

This studio and gallery tour includes some of Cuba’s outstanding artists and sculptors. Camaguey is a decorated city, its public spaces graced with statues, mosaics and murals. The visit includes private studios and opportunities to talk to established and younger artists about their work and lives. Camaguey is also the home of Cuba’s second ballet school, the Ballet of Camaguey is justifiably proud of its 35 year heritage. For aficiandos we can visit the school, its wardrobe and shoe making shop, and sometimes a class.