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November 2013

  • Bi-annual International Choral Festival. Calling all choristers and music lovers – international choirs invited. Non-competitive festival.

Hope for Diabetics

Diabetes Conference - Dec 2014

Congreso Controlado la diabetes y sus complicaciones mas severas

I have no date for the conference but will be keeping up with developments

Before the conference Dec 8 and 9, 2014 – Corso Internacional Melia Habana, Habana. This is designed to demonstrate Heberprot P and a newly developed surgery with minimal access which clears up foot problems which may develop into ulcers.

I have a little more information on this surgery.

If you are interested in attending the conference and the event at the Melia Habana, we are happy to arrange flights (including for US visitors), meet and greet, transfers, hotel or homestay accommodations with meals. I hope to have conference fees in the next few weeks.

Please note this conference will be for medical professionals and other involved in the professional treatment of patients with diabetes.



Foot ulcers leading to amputation are one of the most horrific side effects of diabetes. The operation, the recovery, the loss of mobility, the loss of independence and the constant worry that what occurred once will happen again, are all specters that diabetics live with.

In Cuba the Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology has developed a cure for these ulcers.

Known as HEBERPROT-P the drug is injected into the ulcer site over a period of six to eight weeks. The drug was developed for large ulcers which would almost automatically lead to amputation; however treatment is also available for much less advanced ulcers – with the expectation that controlling and healing early is better than waiting.

2016 Price Reduction – NEW PRICE $4,000 US (About 1/2 Price from before)

The Cuban Ministry of Public Health has announced a special package of treatment in Santiago de Cuba for non-residents.

21 days of in-hospital treatment including
All pre-treatment tests
All treatments including Herbeprot P
24 hour monitoring
24 hour nursing attention
Diabetic meals from 5 star hotel

We continue to offer special rates for accompanying family members at Hostel Atardecer

Treatment available in Cuba

Treatment is available for foreigners in Cuba.

We are happy to make all the arrangements for you to participate in this outstanding health programme in Santiago de Cuba.

The programme is now an in hospital programme with a minimum stay of 4 weeks.

The programme has an 80% success rate.

Our services include

  1. Flights and transfers
  2. Accommodation for accompanying family
  3. Meals – for accompanying family – special diets observed
  4. Arrangements for Clinical Assessment
  5. Initial transfers
  6. Translation where needed – the hospital has English speaking staff for this programme

We recommend that you send photographs of the ulcer and a medical history so that we can contact the clinic to assess the ulcer.

Please note that in hospital treatment is aggressive and demands 24 hour monitoring with 24 hour medical staff available.

Accommodation is in an exclusive wing with individual rooms with air conditioning. All conditions are of a high standard.

For more information and prices – please contact us