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November 2013

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Garden Tours

Cuba Beyond the Beaches brings you three exciting garden tours of Cuba.

For many years our “gardening” visitors have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the micro-climates, mountains and deserts of Eastern Cuba.

Now, we are pleased to announce our new garden tours of Central and Western Cuba, its plains, mountains, and valleys.

Our lecturers are internationally recognized Cuban experts whose lifework has been their gardens and the search, protection and propagation of the indigenous species of Cuba.

Visits to private gardens are accompanied by a translator who also is a plant expert.

The Gardens of Eastern Cuba

An exciting tour of Eastern Cuba’s most interesting gardens, its protected forests and mountains. Here on the coastal strip and in the forbidding Sierra Maestras are microclimates which support exotic species and ancient plants. From desert to cloud forest to specialty and species gardens; you will be thrilled by these collections.

Your tour starts and finishes in Santiago de Cuba, a colonial city built on many hills, overlooking a bay which has been a safe harbour for Henry Morgan and Teddy Roosevelt, Spanish galleons and privateers, war fleets and slave ships, oil tankers and luxury yachts.

We start our tour outside the city at one of the world’s most complete collections of tropical ferns; the life’s work of its director. A complete contrast the next day finds us in the near desert of the coastal strip enjoying the passions of our expert in cactus.

A nearby cloud forest is a place of dripping trees, brilliant birds and butterflies, tree ferns and simple pines. Here are long ago cafetals and the scarlet trees which mark the canopy coffee of excellence.

Our tour continues with a local farm, the prolific organoponico gardens, specialty gardens, and finally a visit into the mountains, where a morning walk takes you to cocoa plantations, small farms and the quiet exploration of a mountain valley.
Seven days of gardens, lectures, and good company; meeting Cuban gardeners in their gardens.

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The Gardens of Western Cuba

This is orchid country. National Gardens, private gardens, commercial gardens, and individual afficiandos, all of them endeavouring to find the perfect orchid. A black orchid?

Our tour starts and ends in Habana. This city is fast becoming the orchid capital of Cuba; spurred on by the International Orchid Festival held there in May. We visit several private gardens and a large commercial grower.

From Habana we travel west to the country’s outstanding orquidea, and an exploration of the renowned Vinales valley. A change from orchids we visit a private nursery which is one of the major reservoirs of heritage fruit trees which are making a comeback throughout Cuba as processing plants demand more and different fruits. Life is more than mangos!

We conclude our week of gardens with a private tour of the Jardin Botanica of Cuba and several private gardens.

Seven days of unforgettable gardens, passionate gardeners, and beautiful landscapes.

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Gardens of Central Cuba

In Central Cuba we circle the Escambray mountains, visiting national gardens and private collections, unique living museums and prize winning farms. Overnight in a newly restored spa – mineral waters and baths, massages, or just a tranquil evening away from the bustle of the cities.

The World Heritage cities of Trinidad and Cienfuegos are celebrating their 500th anniversary. We take an architect led walk in both to enjoy the outstanding architectural restorations, and step back in time.

We return to Santa Clara via mountain roads where there is time for a farm lunch and a swim in a waterfall and river.

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