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November 2013

  • Bi-annual International Choral Festival. Calling all choristers and music lovers – international choirs invited. Non-competitive festival.

Hospitals & Clinics

All public health units are in dire need of nearly everything.

The following is a general list:

  • MEDICATIONS – we can take in sample medications (doctors please talk to your suppliers) or larger quantities – the medication must be current when it enters the country. All medications are useful. No personal prescriptions please.
  • OVER THE COUNTER – Advil, Tylenol, Cold Medications, Cough Medications etc.
  • MEDICAL SUPPLIES – bandages, gloves, small equipment, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs etc. etc.
  • MEDICAL EQUIPMENT – EGC machines and the paper for them, any other equipment you can spare.

Please contact us and we can make arrangements for collection or for shipping to us.

Any traveler is allowed to carry in up to 10kgs of medications and medical supplies, but you must give up part of your luggage allowance or pay for the excess. It is advisable to have a contact at a clinic or hospital whom you can trust to make sure that the drugs enter the public health system and are not sold on the street.