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Salsa Dance Classes in Cuba



When: Our classes begin the day after you arrive in Santiago de Cuba.

How long: You can come for a little as a week or as long as three months (six months if you are Canadian).

Where: Santiago de Cuba.

Where do I stay: We offer homestay accommodation because it is more affordable. All our accommodations have been inspected and approved. If you prefer a hotel we can arrange this accommodation.

What qualifications: We cater to all levels – from beginners to experts. Our instructors will enhance your dancing pleasure. If you want to do more intricate routines for competition please let us know – there is a small extra charge for the expert in choreography.

How many people are in my class: Our groups are small, a maximum of 8 people. The minimum for dance instruction is normally 2 people. Lots of people come on their own, or with a non-dancing partner – just ask us for a price and we will accommodate you.

How much time do I have each day: We recommend 2 hours per day. This includes warm up and cool down, a little history and lots of fun. We recommend that you start your class early in the day.

What do Dance Classes and accommodation cost

10 hours/week (2 hours per day)

Bed, Breakfast and Dinner

Transfer from Airport or Bus Station in Santiago de Cuba

One Week:

Two people sharing a room – $550/per person

Single accommodation – $725/ per person

Two Weeks:

Two people sharing a room – $900/per person

Single accommodation – $1350/ per person

Other stays – please contact us



What is included: Tuition, Accommodation (7,14 nights) and Meals (2 meals per day), Airport PickUp and DropOff

When do I have to pay: We require a deposit of 50% of the fee on booking. This deposit is non-refundable to a maximum of one week of classes and one week of basic accommodation. All fees must be paid 4 weeks before the start of classes. If you are booking within 2 weeks of starting classes there is an additional administration fee of $30.00 Cdn.

Do I need a visa: Everyone arriving in Cuba must have a visa. You will receive a tourist visa from the airline flying you to Cuba or you must apply for one from your nearest Cuban Consulate or Embassy. Check with your travel agent or the airline. The cost is $25.00 CUC and is good for a month, many airlines include this in the price of the ticket. You can renew your visa while you are in Cuba with the payment of $25.00 CUC. Canadians receive a three month visa on entering Cuba; it is renewable once more for three months.

What happens if I have to cancel or I am sick during the trip: We advise you to obtain cancellation and medical coverage. They are available from your insurance agent, some financial institutions, etc. US travelers, we can provide coverage through Canada.

How do I get there: Cuba is accessible from Mexico (Mexico City or Cancun) to Havana, from Nassau to Havana, from Jamaica (Montego Bay or Kingston to Havana), from Toronto to Havana or Santiago de Cuba (charter), also from Santo Domingo direct to Santiago twice a week, and every day to Habana.

Getting to Santiago from Havana or other points. There are two flights a day during the week from Havana to Santiago, or there is excellent bus service in an overnight bus from Havana to Santiago. The same excellent service connects most major cities throughout the island. Train service is still not recommended although there have been good reports of the new tourist train.

We can arrange to have you met in Habana and transferred to your next flight or to the bus. Depending on the time of your arrival you may require an overnight stay in Habana and we can arrange all of that including meals for you.

We would be pleased to book your flight into Cuba. Our prices are extremely competitive. Please note that flights to Cuba cannot be booked from the US.

Add-ons: We have many day and half day tours in and around Santiago and other cities. Ask us if you would like to include one or more short tour in your dance package.